Scorched Chestnut Knob Stick


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Scorched Chestnut Knobstick Walking Stick
The knobstick handle walking stick is an ancient design which has served ramblers since time immemorial. If you want a reliable walking aid with a rustic look, there’s nothing better to have.

The Scorched Chestnut Knobstick Walking Stick is handcrafted from chestnut using traditional methods. Stout, strong and comfortable to hold, it is a sturdy and stylish walking aid for countryside excursions.

Key Information
Height: 38″ (97cm)
Shaft Colour: Dark Wood
Shaft Pattern: Wood Grain
Shaft Material: Chestnut
Handle Style: Knob
Handle Pattern: Wood Grain
Handle Material: Chestnut
Handle Colour: Dark Wood
Ferrule Style: Metal


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