Resolva Xtra Conc. 250ml No Glyphosate


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Resolva Xtra Weedkiller Concentrate is ideal for controlling tough, deep-rooted and broad leafed weeds. Therefore, it is perfect for controlling weeds such as bracken, broad-leaved dock, common nettle and thistle as well as creeping buttercup, dandelion and many others. Furthermore, the formula is also glyphosate-free, therefore not harmful to bees. Resolva Xtra is selective and systemic, and will only kill weeds and their entire root, but not grasses. By killing on contact, it therefore acts by desiccation of target weed.
Use between April and September when weeds are actively growing. Spray weeds lightly trying to cover as much leaf area as possible avoiding spray run off.

Use plant protection products safely. Always read the label and product information before use.
Controls annuals, perennials and difficult broad-leaf weeds
Kills entire plant including roots
Bee friendly
Concentrated formula


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