Pini-Kay Heatlogs 10kg

Our brand new British Wood Briquettes are a high quality UK produced wood briquette. Made from locally sourced sawmill residue these are an excellent choice for those with sustainability in mind.

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Pini-Kay briquettes are a fierce burning, long lasting and eco-friendly wood fuel for your stove, firepit or chiminea. If you’re looking for an alternative economical fuel that takes less time to clear up after, we’ve got you covered. We pride ourselves on supplying a good quality AND good value briquette which is known for being our highest performer.

Manufacturing the briquettes from recycled wood means that burning Pini-Kay is a carbon neutral option. You can make sure that your heart stays as warm as your hearth! Use them on their own or combine them with firewood for a bright and fierce flame. There is very little expansion during the burning process, making this a convenient, user-friendly fuel. Their high calorific content per unit of weight generates a lot of heat.

Important features include:

  • 26cm length x 6.5cm diameter. Ideal for smaller burners.
  • Hole in the middle for air circulation.
  • Hexagonal shape to increase surface area for a more efficient burn.
  • Very easy to stack.
  • 7% moisture content
  • Minimal ash content – easy to clear up.
  • No spitting or sparking.
Weight10 kg


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