Westland Bio-Life Planting Soil for Vegetables 40 Litre


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Westland Bio-Life Planting Soil for Vegetables is a blended ready to use planting soil. Rich in clay loam, organic matter and also with active bio-life to support life in the soil. This in turn creates the best foundations for strong healthy, tasty vegetables.

  • Rich in nourishing organic matter
  • Supports plants natural defences
  • Bio-Life supporting life in the soil
  • Releasing phosphorous for vegetable growth

Planting up a Vegetable Bed:

1: Spread 3 inches of planting soil across the existing soil (native) in your border

2: Mix through the top 6-8 inches of native soil and level off

3: Dig a hole approx. twice the depth and diameter of the root ball

4: Place plant in planting hole.

5. Fill gaps with more soil, firm in and water

Planting up a Raised Bed or Vegetable Container:

1: Choose a container or trug with drainage holes and fill it with planting soil

2: Thoroughly water the plants, gently tap the pot to remove, shake off loose compost

3: Place plants in planting hole

4: Fill gaps with new planting soil, firm down and water

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