Stay Off Bird Scarer Tape 50m


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Chemical- free, visible bird deterrent.
This holographic reflective tape frightens away birds and is ideal for vegatable patches, fruit trees, vines, crops and lawns. This product is humane and will not harm wildlife or your pets.

Hang the tape anywhere where birds are a nuisance: on fruit trees, railings etc. The tape can be tied in lengths between posts or hung in strips to move in the breeze where the flashing holograms and rustling sound will disturb and deter birds from the area.

In addition to the holographic exterior which flashes in the sunlight, Bird Scarer Tape also makes a crackling noise to scare birds away without hurting them.
Bird Scarer Tape can be used all around the garden or on allotments where birds are most active.
To use simply mark out the area you want to protect and tie the Bird Scarer Tape to points around the plants. Safely secure and the Bird Scarer Tape will do the rest.
The tape can be used across railings, hung from trees or tied in lengths from post to post around vegetable beds. Lightweight, the wind will move the tape naturally producing flashes of light and noise.
Scare off birds without harm
The Tape flashes dramatically in sunlight
Produces a rustling sound in the breeze
50 metre length

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