Deadfast Garage & Loft Smoke Fumigator


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The Westland Deadfast Garage & Loft Fumigator kills insects, flies and wasps inside the home.

This fumigator targets crawling and flying insects in the garage or loft. The smoke produced is odour free, it leaves no residue after use and is suitable for covering large areas.

To use, ensure the area is smoke tight first by closing any windows and doors and place the fumigator centrally. After lighting the fuse, immediately leave the area.

Please read all instructions carefully to protect children and pets. Any targeted areas should not be revisited for 12 hours after first lighting the fuse.

3.5g Westland Deadfast Garage & Loft Fumigator
Odour and residue free
For use outdoors or in well-ventilated areas only
Contains permethrin


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